Michael Witte - Regen am Sonntag

Original: Raining on Sunday
Musik & Text: Radney M. Foster, Darrell R. Brown
Deutsche Bearbeitung: Michael Witte
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About Me

Michael Witte

Singersongwriter | Mix + Production Workshops

Well, where do I start:
since the age of 8 I wanted to be a musician and with many detours it worked out. I started playing pub gigs when I was 16 and when I was 20 I started writing my own songs. At first just for the bin.
At some point I dared to submit a song to a songwriting competition and came second out of more than 4000 entries. That was the encouragement I needed. Since then I've released six albums and a live DVD, won the German Rock & Pop Award, been nominated twice for the German Record Critics' Award and have played about 800 solo and band concerts.
I record and mix my albums in my studio and meanwhile I also do these tasks for other musicians. I also create and produce music for dance theater and advertising, have taken on sound production for a cinema film and organize artistic projects at schools.
So all in all I have the best job in the world!
There is still so much to learn and that's why I'm glad to be part of this community.

Best regards from Aachen, Germany.... Michael