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Fred Guggenberger


Recording and mixing:

Apple iMac 2,7 GHz

Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.

Pro Tools 12.8 (actually not working since I upgraded to OS Mojave)

Behringer X32 Mixer and Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlette Audio Interface



Harbeth Acoustics DPM1


Guitars and Amps:

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

Cort Acoustic Guitars (Dreadnought and Jumbo)

Fender Blues jr.

Line6 POD XT

(I use the amp simulator in Logic Pro most of the times now).



Kawai Digital Piano

E-MU Emulator IV

E-MU ESI 4000 Turbo

E-MU ESI 4000

Roland Juno 106

Roland Alpha Juno 2

Yamaha DX7 II FD


Software Synths:

All that stuff inside Logic Pro

UVI Vintage Vault II (a collection of virtual versions of old synthesizers, samplers and drum maschines like Roland D50, Ensoniq VFX, Roland JX-3P and others).

Mixing Plug ins:

Stock Plug ins plus

Waves SSL-G-Channel

Waves SSL-Stereo-Bus-Compressor

Focusrite Red Compressor and EQ

Softubes Reverb and Drawmer Compressor.


Mastering Plus Ins:

Izotope Ozone 7



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