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Carlo Lareschi


I live in Dublin, Ireland since 2014. I'm Venezuelan (Isla de Margarita) and I'm also half Italian. I'm 45 years old.

I used to have a big recording home studio on my city back home, have some experience but I worked mostly in administration and management of the company.

I've joined the Academy hopping I will find some guidance to help me to become a better recording/mixing engineer, specially to record and mix my own music.

I'm into rock and metal of many styles. Love: Rush, Primus, Maiden, Grave, Obituary, Rammstein, The Cure, Witchcraft, Reverend Bizarre, FNM, the BIG FOUR, Draco Rosa, Jarabe de Palo, Bunbury just to name a few. I do like some other kind of music, and have also composed myself some folk/balad music (in Spanish).

I'm looking forward to meeting people with similar interests, to exchange experience, music, recording tracks (audio files) and practising, maybe collaborating on some music project?



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