About Me

Carl Bahner

Mix Engineer, Educator, Brand Strategy Supernerd

Heyoooooo! I’m Carl!I’m on a mission to help passionate studio pros like you become irresistible to their ideal clients by teaching them to communicate their unique passions and perspectives.

I’ve been in the music industry for almost two decades, and since the start of the pandemic I’ve been mixing over 300 songs per year for clients in 24 countries (so far). I’ve also used that experience to help other producers, engineers, and session players from around the world to build better, deeper relationships with their clients. As a performer, I’ve toured extensively in the US, Canada, and the UK opening for artists like The Wombats, Walk The Moon, X Ambassadors, Charli XCX, They Might Be Giants, The Hold Steady, and countless others. I’ve had music in film, television, and even a Guitar Hero game (which was super surreal tbh).

I care about more than just the music. More than just the vanity metrics. More than just the payment notifications. I care about making sure artists build deep, meaningful relationships with every member of their team - whether I’m on that team or not.