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Clo - Sliding Doors (Remix by Eduardo Arjona)

Ruttlemush - Long Story (By Axel Grude)

The Workday Release - Stay (Remix by Ef Nerva)

Christina Holmes - Everybody Knows - Ultra Mayhem Remix by Karl Lindberg

Michael Garding - You Asked For It (Big Band Arrangement)

Lauren Taylor - Treat Me Right Daniel Cioffi & Michael Garding Sax Version

Clay Blair - Come Together (Cover)

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Michael Garding - Don't Mind If I Don't

D-Funktional - Fragile (By Rene Reuscher)

Causeway Stars - Someone (By Craig Higgins)

Broadwing - Powder by Danny Christie

Bobby Kane - Rebel Yell (Cover)

London Lawhon - "Locked Up Remix" by Toby Davis (aka Tobi)

Kaedyn Kashmir - "Yellow Brick Road (Cover)" by Derek Whitaker

The Workday Release - "Circles" Symphonic Version by Kevin Van Hout

Beardland&Iris - "Chocolate On My Mind" By Christian Gillmann

Christina Holmes - "Everybody Knows Remix" by Sergio Maggi

The Poets Dance - "Jezebel" In The Mix By Douglas Reynolds (Resonance Studio)

Captain i - "Summer At Your Place" 2020 Mix21 by Nate Wycoff

Billie Eilish - "Bad Guy (Cover)" - by Pentacore (Alex Common)

Christina Holmes - "Everybody Knows REMIX" by Brian For President

Kaedyn Kashmir - "Valerie Remix" by Sergio Maggi

Kaedyn Kashmir - "Valerie Remix" by Magnus Emilsson

"Zombie Hand" by Darren Ross

"To Bring You My Love (Cover)" by Marc Becker

Mary Spender - "Someone Better" Remix by Sergio Maggi

Siri Lauritsen - "Brand New Time" by Svend Skogheim

Ellery - "Down Down Down" by Paul Motion

The Workday Release - "City Lights" Remix by Paul Motion

My Own Misery - "Hotel California" (Cover) by Andy Tullis

Katie Ferrara - "Hear The Wolves Cry" (Orchestration) by Aaron Bird

Lotta Skogvall - "Valerie" (Cover) by Bengt Skogvall

Magnus Emilsson, Chris Ibbetson and Paul Wickham - "Life/Pulse"

LyAllen - "Omnipresent" by Ken Allen

Katie Ferrara - "Hear The Wolves Cry" by Raul Rodriguez

The Mighty Greegor - "Kasihku Cinta" by Vincent Durmort

Sound Cinematic - "Paper Hearts" by Brett Pippin

Warren Huart - "Fire and Water (Cover) Remix" by Joel Sands

Kinsfolk - All My Friends Are Getting Married by Peter Cinkanic

Emilie Odegaard - "Leaving You" by Svend Skogheim

Lee Campbell - "More Than Meet The Eye" FULL ALBUM

Warren Huart - "Solsbury Hill" (Cover) by Peter Sawchuk

"I don’t Know Why" by Bruno Koziel

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