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    eX Cess

      Hi Adam,
      I asked the question on PLAP but I'll do it once more :
      Like most people I guess, I tried to master tracks myself, starting with T-Racks, which introduced me to widening.
      But as nice as it could be, it made my center disappear, so I started mixing with a widener in the mixbus.

      How do you handle that and what would be your advice?
      Do you widen a mix yourself? Should I use a widener on my mix bus and use it troughout my mix?


      eX Cess

      Adam Ayan

        Hi eX Cess,

        Thank you much for the thoughtful question!

        I do often use a stereo widener when mastering, but always very small and subtle amounts. As you mentioned, you can quickly do harm to your center image. Overall phase issues can crop up as well.

        I'm not opposed to a mixer using a widener on their mix buss and throughout a mix. If it works - go for it!

        Jared Sherman

          Adam; what do you use for widening and what is your typical / most common range of 'small and subtle' on the dial?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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