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      I´m finally a member of the academy 🙂 Hello everybody!

      I´m working on a (sloppy) strumming acoustic guitar performance but I´m struggling to get the editing right.

      Do I have to put the beginning of the waveform or the highest peak on the beat?

      Thank you very much!

      (Studio One 3 Pro)

      Arthur Labus

        If you still working with midi drums, you can probably set it to grid as well.


          Thank you!
          So the highest peak of the strum should be a bit after the beat? And the "zero point" on the beat?

          We use kind of hybrid drums. Played live with a Roland TD-25 and loops.

          Guido tum Suden

            I'd say it depends on what is played.
            If it's a regular strumming pattern I'd go with Arthur and yes, the transients will often be behind the beat.
            If it's slow chords played in halve or whole notes you will probably start before the beat.
            I don't know if you can quantize by percentage in Studio One? If so, you should probably do that, so the playing doesn't sound too computerized.

            Arthur Labus

              Yeah, Guido pointed it out.
              At least it should sounds good, not only looks properly 🙂
              If i had a chance, i would rather record new take.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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