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    Frozn Colors

      hello everyone. greetings, hope you're having a marvelous day.

      as some of you may already know, my band has released our first single Where the Wind Blows. we are planning on releasing an EP of remixes after around 3 months. any genre allowed (preferably NOT extreme EDm/future bass. however if you think your song can change our mind and make an exception, we're open).

      this isn't an official announcement, but merely a poll. PLEASE let me know if you'll be interested in remixing the song. we will select 3 remixes for the official release 😀

      if i receive at lease 3 interested producers who would remix it, i'll create a new topic in this very forum w the announcement 😀 (i'll also message the ppl who reply).

      i really hope we can make this happen.

      Where the Wind Blows is our first release. released on 24 July, 2020. we already have 134 streams, 42 saves and 51 followers on Spotify. 48 views on the YouTube art track.

      i'll look forward to your replies. feel free to ask any questions.

      Frozn Colors.

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