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    Tommi Kujala

      It would be interesting to see more insight on Warrens mixing workflow, which track he starts with and how he goes from there etc. Does he have some sort of pro tools mixing template he uses? Live mixing a song from start to finish would be super awesome.


        Yeah, +1 from me. A mixing workflow would be great, I find I'm wandering around a bit and need a structure to follow, right from file management to gain staging etc right through to archiving the session.

        Stephen Korst

          I'm using Sonar Platinum as my DAW, which comes with multi-track templates. I think I understand the concept of the template from a standpoint of, for example, a 24 track template may be used to start a project that you may want to have up to 24 tracks.

          But, is there a way to take a multi-track template and import files from PLAP songs to mix? When I download a new song from the Multi-track Sessions page, I start out with a template that contains only one audio track, then when I import the tracks into Sonar, additional tracks are created automatically for the remaining files I import.

          Does anyone else have a better way?

          Steve A

            A slightly different angle of this is what I'd like to see, mainly, SPEED!
            Skip all the naming files and templates etc. ..As those are sort of a 'given' as far as I'm concerned.
            "Housekeeping 101" if you will..
            So beyond that, say Warren puts up audio files from a session that he hasn't tracked..
            How fast is he applying changes? And how does he decide what changes, for what tracks, go first? etc.
            And further ...why?
            Good topic in general...

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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