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      Hello everybody!

      The song "Paranoid", performed by Warren Huart caught my attention with its character and energy. This time I mixed the whole song on the StudioMaster mixing console (I love this console! 🙂
      As Plugins on different instruments I used SSL Native X-EQ 2. On vocals - compressors from Waves and Acoustica Audio + Soundtoys Echoboy delay. On a guitar solo - H-Delay from Waves and Kazrog True Iron. On the master bus: SSL Native X-EQ 2, Linear Multiband compressor from Waves and Kazrog cKlip limiter.
      And i got really good result, which I want to share with you. I would be glad to receive your comments,opinions,and constructive review! Thanks in advance!


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      • This topic was modified 1 year ago by Di-Mitrij.
      Paul Nielsen

        Hi Di-Mitrij,

        Pretty good job overall. Really like the vocals/delay/ compression.

        Guitars mostly great balance/ tone throughout, although the initial intro guitar sounded a bit 'D.I.' on the right channel?

        The drum compression seems to clamp down and duck a bit of volume in places.  More noticeable at the G/D/E chord change.

        Maybe a tad more lows on the kick, but a rocking vibe achieved which is the main thing.



          Hi Paul,

          Thank you for your detailed comment, thank you sincerely! The beginning of the guitar in the right loudspeaker was at first random, but since I  thought about panning and sounding - I always spread the guitars left and right with different EQ settings in order to give different sound shades. And the fact that the intro began with one guitar in one loudspeaker - I liked it! 🙂 Many Scorpions' songs also start like this - and it attracts attention, and then the whole instrumental comes in. Regarding the compression on the drums, -  I liked their natural sound and, since the drums are 2 tracks, they sound tight and energetic by themselves, so I don't remember if I added a compressor at all (maybe only slightly on the master bus). I try to find the main sound using the EQ on my old great mixing console Sudiomaster (I love it! :). What I like about him is that no matter how I experiment, he doesn’t let the instrumental turn into a mess :)))

          Well, and finally - vocals - I thought:  to leave it dry or still give it flightiness?... Going through the plugins, I stopped at a few that I liked and that's it - the mix is ​​ready 🙂 Here's a story.

          Paul, thank You so ever much again for your feedback - it's always important and interesting for me! Thank You!

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