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      Hi Plapers,
      Here is my attempt on "Turn it on again" by Genesis as played by Warren, Steve and Adam Steel.
      Mixed entirely ITB on Logic ProX
      Brainworks SSL 4000G Channel Strip Plug In on every track - Gives me confidence and it sounds way more consistent to me.
      I tripled the drum track, heavy EQ-ing and panning for getting the "Overheads" and another heavy EQued Track with focus on the kick, then bussed all together, a bit of stock "Pultec-styley" EQ on the Drum Buss plus some glue
      Since the tracks were printed so good, i didn't have to do much eq-ing and compressing, just a touch, to put everything in place and controlled.
      A bit of automation on the Delay on Steve's voice
      All halls and rooms treated with the "Abbey Road" technique
      On the master buss only a limiter at -2dB and an I/O Send/Return to my only piece (yet) of outboard gear, a Passive Inductance Equalizer manufactured by my friend at SouthAudioKits
      Did I mention that I LOVE te Brainworx SSL 4000G Channel Strip Plugin! Thanks God for PlugIn Alliance
      It was GREAT fun mixing this song, so enjoy listening and hit me with your comments

      The Link:

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