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    Steve A

      I just thought I would post this here, in case someone doesn't know..
      An online place called Soundpure has a 'try before you buy' program, with tons of good stuff all you gearheads want and need, but wish you had never bought once you realize that that Shure mic was 'good enough'...hahaa (kidding)
      As mentioned in another thread here, I do not own a vocal mic with a noted pedigree... yet.
      But, sure as I am sitting here, I'll be testing out both the 2247se, and the 22-251 mics from Peluso, that supposedly are good clones of those respective Neumann classics..
      I'll post my findings..
      Do I have genuine Neumanns to test them up against? Nope. But a good mic is a good mic, and I'll take Warren's word that the 2247se is as close to a genuine U47 that he's heard, and I also have another clone of the 47 that I'll be testing against.

      The main thrust of this was to let people know that they don't have to be sorry with an expensive purchase, when you can try it out before-hand.

      Oh yea, link! :

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