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    TripWillie 2

    Hello Everyone, this is my mix of Traveling Light. Marc Daniel Nelson course " Tape" provided tracks. Beautiful song with powerful vocals and BG harmonies. I broke the tracks into buses with VCA's.  Automation was used heavily to keep the emotion of the song and light processing on the buses. Main bus consisted of Studio One Console Shaper,  Elysia Museq,  Bx Townhouse compressor, IK Multimedia Classic Clipper. Print was then sent into IK Lurssen Mastering Console Pop Rock setting 2db makeup gain, -2.2db input reduction, and - 15% push.  Please, All comments and suggestions are most welcomed, Thanks !

    Lem Meador

    Earl, sounds good! Very easy to listen to. Good energy. Everything has a nice place to sit. A couple of things that might or might not be interesting to explore. To my ear, and just in my studio - without checking on other speaker sets - it felt like the kick could have a bit more presence. Not much. I mean, like a half db, or maybe not even volume but just a bit more weight might do it, too. Personally, I'd probably push the vocal back just a touch, but that's one of THE most subjective things about any mix. We all have different sensibilities about where the vocal sits. The other thing that I might explore is giving the drums a little space around them. Maybe just the snare. Maybe other skins as well. They just feel a little dry to me, and they feel like they want to settle into a little more space. It's possible that you might even add some space to the whole mix. That would be an unusual approach, according to some of the notable mixers that I follow, but sometimes, it can be just the ticket to pull a sound together.

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing. And I really appreciate the DropBox like. That .wav file is so much higher quality. Enjoyed it. Thanks!

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