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    Tony Taylor

      Hi, Everyone!
      Tony Taylor here hailing from Fremont, Ohio.
      I've been at this for roughly 10 years. Along with my home studio, I work on an "as needed" basis at the local community college. My wife works there full time and I said, "see Baby, my aimless tinkering has gotten me some real world work!"
      At Home I use Studio One and have taken it to the college studio as well until I can get comfortable with Logic. I honestly like aspects of both, but with certain limitations at each place, it's nice to have the options.
      It's funny because I named my studio Rock Haus primarily after our 1st WiFi router, since it's a brick house. I play in a rock band, write rock/alternative/funk music, but have mostly worked with folk, country and hip hop.
      My favorite plugins of late have been from Plugin Alliance. I also have Waves, Native Instruments and Softube.
      My gear is pretty simple: an ASUS WIndows 10 laptop with SSD and HDD fed in by two Presonus FireStudio Projects. a pair of Presonus Eris 5s and a Samson sub. Samson headphone amp. Very cheap mics that have proven quite reliable and have great sound.
      Since my interfaces are FireWire, I am looking at upgrading. There is a discount through PreSonus, so the Quantum has my eye. I'm also thinking of Antelope, since that is at the college and the idea of modeling mics intrigues me.
      I also have a podcast called Rock Haus Studios Presents: Lately has been the Live from the Lake and Stone Stage. These are a local bar/restaurant that has live entertainment, craft beer and food specials. That's what the show consists of is talking with the bar owner, the brewer if they are there, the artist and a "song of the night" segment which has a song from the evening hence: "Live from the Lake and Stone."
      PS I can't figure out how to add pictures!!!

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