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      Name: Tony Pettersson
      Location: Vaxjo, Sweden (About 15 Km south in the middle of the woods)
      Studio pictures

      Been a touring musician since the mid 90's. Mainly as a guitarist.
      Started my first very "own" band in 1998 when I grew tired of being pushed in directions I didn't want to go. in 2008 I joined another band as a session bass guitarist for a video shoot and a couple of shows. I ended up touring with the guys as a regular guitarist after that up until February 2018.
      I got into music production by accident when I just happened to know the "sound-guy" at a local venue and he showed some tricks in the live sound business. I got an internship at a local audio/event company and did some metal festivals as a FOH engineer and monitor engineer. The same company decided to build a recording studio and since I knew my way around a soldering kit I got to help. That's where I also really got to know what I wanted to do once I stopped touring.
      I was the studio engineer for a couple of albums for local artists in that studio. Brought in a couple of bands to "produce" myself before we parted ways due to my new band.
      I quit my job about a year ago with the ambition to work as a mixing engineer full time. It didn't really work out the way I wanted since bands found out I was available and wanted me to help them record again. Images are of my home "studio". Mostly do pre-production work, mixing, some mastering and write songs here. I am able to record everything I need in here (using a digital drum-kit and midi keyboard) but I tend to rent a studio in the city center when I need to record a band. (Images of that can be found on my Instagram)
      Right now I have torn down the walls since I needed to re-build so not much more to show than the desk.

      My DAW of choice is Cubase Pro 10 (About to upgrade to 10.5)
      Main genres: Rock, Metal and progressive music
      My favorite plug-ins are Slate digitals Virtual Mix rack, Waves SSL 4000 collection, Waves C4 gate (all the "C-series" dynamics), Slate's FG series compressors.

      Gear list
      Mac Mini, 2019
      Intel core i7 @3,2 GHz
      32 GB RAM

      Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo
      Yamaha HPH-MT8 headphones
      Adam Audio T5V studio monitors
      Yamaha HS8S Sub Woofer (Footswitch to turn it off and on that I built)
      ESP Horizon NT-X guitar with Lundgren M6 pickups (From 2009)
      Epiphone Les Paul
      An old Washburn acoustic
      ENGL Fireball Amphead and ENGL Cab
      Peavey VK 212 combo.

      Equipment I have my eyes on at the moment
      Universal Audio Apollo X4
      Adam Audio A5X and Sub 8
      Novation 61SL MKIII


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