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    Chris Sweet

      They've updated their free compressor and now have a free dynamic eq as well. Cannot believe these are free. World class plugins.

      TDR Nova (Dynamic EQ)

      Slick EQ

      TDR Kotelnikov (Bus Compressor)

      Alan Craig

        Their plugins are amazing! I've used Nova quite a bit for side-chaining certain instruments while the vocals are in. Great stuff.

        Korbinian Breu

          Yeah those Plugins are great. Me for example I love the Kotelnikov (Bus and Mastering Comp) since it has a peak - crest function and 2 Release times. 1 for the Peaks (those you can detect with the peak - crest) and one for release times. In conjunction with their "Delta" - Button you are able to hear JUST the things that get compressed by the compressor. So its really easy to work with it and you can make cool musical pumping - fx.

          They also have pro versions of their plugins, but I see no need to upgrade since they are perfect.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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