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    Rob Vriens

      I want to know how to do the time adjuster trick warren does on drums all the time in Logic Pro X. In the live chat during one of his videos they said delay. But can;t find to get it to work. its always immediately flaming when i use the delay option in the 'region' area.
      Anyone familiar with how to do it in logic?

      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Rob,

        The normal Delay is not subtle enough. You need to use the Sample Delay. A problem for me is, you have to go by ear since the waveform is not adjusted.
        I'm usually zooming in a lot and then move the regions by sight instead of using a plugin.
        This is even possible when you record a drum set and have group editing on. Just turn it off, move the region to remove phase issues and turn it on again.

        Rob Vriens

          Thanks for your reply. By moving the region do you mean actually moving by the track slightly to match it with another?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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