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    Thomas Schneller

      Thomas Schneller

      Blauen, Switzerland

      Studio pictures:

      First let me show some pictures. They are related to the bio, as they mark the now time. The setup:

      Pic 1

      The room is high:

      Pic 2

      and the view, important as well!

      there is a night view as well.... (;

      There are some decades between this and the first studio, I used to work. This was a FOH room in a theater in Heilbronn Germany. There I started my first real job after finishing my education as a radio and television engineer.

      Old fashion compared to now. Philips mixing console, 4 Studer Revox tape machines, K&H monitors, a BX spring reverb box and a collection of microphones.

      I worked there for about 7 years, before I moved to Munich and changed into cinema and tv postproduction. There I did everything, needed for a film. Foley, speech, special effects, music and final mix.

      Then I stumbled over something, changing my way to think about audio. A small 8 bit sampling device, connecting to my Amiga 500 commuter. I immediately knew, this will be the future of audio production. And not much more then a year later I started to build my first full digital postproduction studio, together with some partners. It was based on a Wave Frame / Audio Frame workstation with 8 tracks, 12 channel mixer and a 8 MB sampler. Not to forget a build in reverb unit.

      Street price 170 000 Dollar.

      I wish I would be able to share the faces of the first clients, coming into the studio and seeing not much more, then you see in the fist picture... (:

      Anyhow, as soon as we started, they realized the advantages of this way to work and would not want to stop to try this sound, then that and over and over again. A thing, which was impossible before without spending hours of time to search the sound and line them up to the picture in the cutting room.

      Ever since then, I am a digital audio enthusiast. And still I am.

      Cause of personal reasons I stoped working as a professional sound engineer and earned my income in the industry in electronic related field.

      And still I am. The other time I spend in my bedroom studio. Completely ITB.

      The basis of that is:

      - Apollo Twin
      - EMES Quartz speaker
      - UAD Satellite DSP
      - SPL Auditor headphone amp
      - Sennheiser HD650
      - Apogee Groove DA and headphone amp if I am on the road
      - MacBook Pro 13 inch
      - Mac Mini 2018

      And a huge collection of plugins.

      - Waves
      - Softube
      - Eventide
      - UAD
      - SSL native plugins
      - Zynaptiq
      - Lexicon complete bundle
      - Melda production
      - Klanghelm
      - Valhalla reverbs
      - iZotope
      - Slate Digital
      - Kush
      and a lot of others.

      Main DAW is Studio One cause of the light speed workflow


      - Cubase
      - Pro Tools
      - Ableton
      - Bitwig
      - Reason
      - Mixbus
      - UAD Luna recording system

      As you can see, I can't stay away from software.

      So what I am doing with it? Mixing, Mastering, sometime I grab my interfaces and go on the road for a live mix of a band or to do a live recording. From time to time I do some post production. And I am doing audio hard- and software beta tests.

      And still I am a enthusiast when it comes to trying new audio technologies. The end is for sure not reached and more and more awesome things are developed.

      And yes, I need to try them all!


      Thanks for reading

      Have a nice time


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      • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Thomas Schneller.
      • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Thomas Schneller.
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