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    Terry Doyle

      Soundcaster Studios
      • Photos of your Studio
      Soundcaster Drummer View
      Guitars and Amps
      Mix desk
      Live off the floor Jazz
      Yamaha U3 piano
      1964 Bandmaster amp .. sounds huge!
      Desk close up
      • Where your studio is based
      Dublin, Ireland
      • Your Bio (Doesn't have to be long)
      ... pending 🙂
      • DAW of choice
      • Genres you primarily work with.
      Rock, Jazz, Pop
      • Favorite Plugins
      UAD 1084, UAD Helios, UAD Studer A800, FabFilter anything,
      • Gear List (doesn't have to be 100% complete!)
      Inputs/ Preamps

        2 UA Apollo 8 QUAD and 1 Satellite QUAD
        UA 4110 pre with DIs
        BAE 1073MP Dual channel
        Audient ASP880 8 channel preamps
        ZOD Tube DI

      RND 5060 Centrepiece

      Outboard Gear

        Chandler Limited Zener Limiter
        2 x Distressors
        Stam Audio SA-4000 compressor
        Handsome Audio Zulu
        Manley Mini Massive EQ
        Eventide Eclipse Multi Effects


        Fender 68 Deluxe reverb reissue
        Fender Silverface Twin Reverb 1974
        Fender Vibrolux 68 reissue
        Fender Bandmaster 1964
        Roland JC120 Jazz Chorus 1979
        Vox AC30 (alnico blues)
        Vox Night Train
        Marshall JCM800 4104 combo
        Peavey 6505 mini head
        Peavey Classic 30 combo
        Blackstar Artisan 15 combo
        2x12 TT cab (jensen C12Ns)
        2x12 Orange cab (vintage 30s)
        4x12 Blackstar cab (vintage 30's)
        Vox 1x12 cab (greenback)
        Ashdown combo EVO 500 2 x 10
        Ashdown 1x15 cab
        Markbass Littlemark 250 head


        Stam SA-47
        Telefunken AR-51
        Cascade Fathead matched pair
        AKG 314 matched pair
        Oktava MK-012 matched pair
        Violet Amethyst Vintage
        Neumann TLM 102
        Roswell Mini K47 matched pair
        Lauten Audio LA-320
        Shure SM7b
        EV RE 20
        1970`s Reslo beeb ribbon mic
        3 x Sennheiser e604
        3 x Shure SM57


        Musicman JPX
        Fender Telecaster Custom 72
        Ibanez AG85
        Epiphone Sheraton II
        JCG Telecaster (tonerider pickups, reverse plate mod)
        Gibson Les Paul Studio deluxe
        Yamaha FG335 spruce top acoustic
        Seagull S6 cedar top acoustic
        Fender Acoustic with Nashville tuning

      • What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list)
      LCT 640TS (just ordered!)
      Apollo x series
      API The Box 2 or SSL XL Desk

      • Facebook & Instagram Links
      Soundcaster Studios Instagram
      Soundcaster Studios Facebook

      • Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there? Etc.
      Opened 2018. First ever session was released as a single (All Day Long)
      We seem to get a lot of live off the floor work which I love.
      We have some real vintage amps and a 1978 Mark 1 Rhodes.

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