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      Hi all.
      Great to be on the forum with you.

      Hi Warren –
      One of the things I appreciate most about PLAP is that you give us an insight in to what it takes to be working full time in the music industry, and you tell it like it is (emails til 2am, then shooting videos at 10am in the studio the next morning comes to mind...).

      So, for all us "skilled amateurs" (I don't use that word disparagingly), could you do a Top 5 Amateurs vs Music Industry Professionals video...or maybe another way to frame the video is what's required to make the transition from amateur to professional.

      Like many of us, I am currently an amateur, but I want to work professionally and I want to work hard. I want WH tough love and telling it like it is! No holds barred! 🙂 I think it could help many of us.

      Thanks for everything you are doing with PLAP and PLAPA.

      Greetings from Canberra, Australia.

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