Academy Dashboard Forum 2021 - Productions 2021 - Apr Sunset mixed by Roy Birkbeck

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    Roy Birkbeck
    Participant enjoyed mixing this one. Tried going for a smokey club live feel. I used some cool reverb and delay layers with Townhouse and Shadow hills compression with some slight automation. Getting use to my new studio monitors and head phones are proving to be a bit of a challenge. Would love your feedback, hope you enjoy !

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      Arthur Labus

        Hi Roy !
        I needed a while to get used to, however it turns out as a cool pop mix after all.
        Somehow, i like this kind of "everything second row on stage" feel. It sounds suprisingly like a record.
        What peaks out is the Glockenspiel and the synth raisers.
        Glockenspiel is always too loud hahaha
        Synth risers are too distracting in my opinion.
        Thats all.
        Subjective as always 😉
        Great job Roy.

        PS. i am pretty sure the song title is "Stronger" ...

        Michael Garding

          Hey Roy, Interesting effect you have on the sax, it of slap on there. love the drums sounds! I think the cymbals are just a bit overwhelming in the end section, a bit washy, but again, subjective. Nice mix!

          Roy Birkbeck

            Hey Thanks for the Feedback Michael, glad you liked it was a fun mix. I love a little delay and Dark reverb on sax trax. lol


            Lem Meador

              That’s a really great sounding track, Roy. I remember mixing that track some time ago myself, and this is definitely way better than my final mix. Love the sound on the sax and the other added parts. Just a really great sound. I think one of the real tricks in production is trying to enhance a song that was conceived with a totally different vibe, and trying to do something similar but different with it altogether. It’s tough, perhaps mostly because the song has taken the original composition in one direction, and now we are trying to pull it in another direction after the fact. Still, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very nicely done. Indeed. And always, always love me some sax.

              Roy Birkbeck

                Thanks for the feedback Lem, glad you liked it. I always like me some dark sax too lol. Tried to give this tune some vibe and aura

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