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    Stephanie Leclercq

      Name : Stephanie LECLERCQ

      Location : Vingeux sur Seine, France (Near Paris)

      Pictures :

      Bio :
      I'm musician (guitarist, bassit) and singer since a long time ago.
      I became an engineer a bit by chance because we wanted to make recordings with my group and it was I who took care of it.
      It was an eye opener because I realized that I loved it
      I mix the songs of my band, mainly and sometimes for friends.
      For now, it's still a hobby but it's taking up more and more space in my life.
      My studio is in a romm and it's small so I can't recording drums but I can record voice and guitars, and I can mix 🙂

      DAW :Cubase Pro 10

      Genre : Funk, acid jazz and all groovy sounds

      Favorite plugins : A lot of Waves plugins : Sheps omni, CLA Mixhub, SSL comp, Puigtec's EQ, REQ, vocal rider, Rcomp

      Gear :
      PC 64 bits / 16 Go RAM
      Mackie Onyx 1620i
      KRK Rockit5 monitor
      Sony MDR 7506 headphone
      Berhinger ultragain pro
      Berhinger Composer pro
      Samson DI
      Lewitt LCT 440 Pure
      A lot of guitars (fender strat and tele, Gibson, Vigier, Godin, my own brand,...)
      Amp Fender Mustang GT100, Fender blues deluxe reissue, vox valvetronix
      Roland VDrums TD20
      DW drum (with Shure mics) but we use them only in external studio

      Equipment I have my eyes :
      Kali monitor
      Lewitt LCT 940
      Lewitt DTPBK7DUAL
      Audient id44

      Links :

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