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    Ken Hertz

      Hello Plapa!

      Welcome to Standard Records Studio!

      This humble little home studio is located in the basement of my home in Elverson Pennsylvania. When I started out recording I was using a small Tascam Portastudio digital recorder and over time that has turned into what is now Standard Records Studio. I think what makes my studio unique is that I've infused my love of music with my love of antiques. If you look around my studio you'll see all sorts of vintage items from a 1940's era Rocky Springs sign which was from a now defunct amusement park from my hometown of Lancaster PA to sheet music dating back from around 1900. All this vintage stuff creates sort of an old school vibe which I really like. As far as what I'm working with here's a list of my gear.

      DAW- Logic Pro X
      Audio Interface- Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre X
      Warm Audio WA73 Preamp
      Warm Audio WA76 Compressor.

      That really is my main chain for recording. I also have some ART pre's that I use from time to time. I use my Lewitt LCT440 pure on every track I produce (thank you Warren for introducing me to Lewitt). I have some studio basics like an SM57 as well as an SM7b. I'm working completely in the box using a pair of M-Audio BX8's for monitors and a set of Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones.


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      Mike Ales

        Hi Ken. Your studio sounds pretty cool. My wife and I have an old farmhouse in Michigan and have a lot of "antiques" around. I would love to see the pictures you posted, but the links are not live in your post.


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