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      Warren, my friend,

      Good job for putting this up, I really like what you're doing and for your sincere desire to help the rest of us.

      I enjoy learning how to mix, all the techniques and tips, and I've become pretty good at it and enjoy downloading the multitracks and mixing.

      However, the #1 reason I am into this is to make (create) music, and I still find it very difficult to do. There is not much teaching out there about how to approach writing songs, arranging songs, what is a good way and a bad way to arrange. I appreciate your "How to Arrange" series on YouTube, it is very helpful and inspiring, but I am DYING to get an in-depth training on this very subject. I struggle in my own song production and would love some guidance.



      Rich Zei


        Steve A

          Hey Rosti! ..where you been? Good to see you again, you have a great suggestion there!
          Hopefully see you on the boards more often..


            I like this idea too. I'm not a songwriter or much of a musician but i know a good mix and a good tune when I hear it. I'd love to know why I like one song more than another, why it works etc. I think this would help in making production decisions on mixes, muting parts or re-arranging sections. Again because I don't think of myself as a producer, I'm an engineer and love the gear and the tech side plus I've always worked with musicians or producers that told me which direction they wanted a song to go in and I just facilitated that.

            Hemke Kay

              +1 🙂


                Thanks guys for chiming in 🙂

                Simon Adams

                  I would absolutely love this and was going to ask for this too. Arranging is my primary area of needed growth, but also how to choose sounds/the next part to record etc... Perhaps giving some direction on what kind of arrangements to best start with producing would be a good idea too. And maybe some process if there's any such thing (or guidelines) us one-guy/girl producers can bear in mind. Speeding up recording/arranging workflow would be great too. This is a huge niche that has not yet been filled online I reckon.. Huge thanks to you Warren for all the great content!

                  Terry Doyle


                    Some ideas on what arrangements fit with different genres would be great.

                    I'm a pop and rock listener mostly .. I'd love to know more about arrangements for R&B, Country, Hard rock, etc so it would help me produce that type of songs.


                      Hey @3rdstone, I'm back! 🙂

                      Looking forward to participating here and advancing my skills.


                      Warren Huart

                        Hi Rosti, hi everyone else! I can see 100% that this is a HUGE part of what we do and what we want to know about! I intend to do a lot more on this! Thanks for this great thread and taking the time to talk about it in detail!!

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