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    Arthur Labus

      Here we go for another take - added some background (recorded by me) sounds and pushed the acoustic guitar to the limit 🙂 Thanks again Anders for awesome tracks and Toby and Craig for superb collaboration !!!
      Have fun and give me feedback !

      Sorry. Something gone wrong. Back ASAP

      Arthur Labus
        Arthur Labus

          Hello all collaborators ! 😉

          I would like to make public our projects.
          I would like to place it on SoundCloud and YouTube.

          First, I think to myself, i need your agreement even if almost all else put it on soundcloud.

          Second, I need your credits wish. Some use studio names, often called a nick name and some real names.
          Please to all involved: tell me about how to list them in the description, any links included or anything else alls what you want to have.


            Thanks Arthur! Apologies for the delay in reply - crazy week.

            Credits : Lyrics by Toby

            - is cool with me.

            Nice mix, good groove to it. Guitar solo reverb seems to place it 'outside' of the mix. ...but what does Anders think?

            Arthur Labus

              Crazy week - u2 ? 😉
              Well, mix is not ready yet. Which solo ? Electric or acoustic ? Still working on that song.
              What do you think about that extra sounds i've used ?

              Anders Isberg

                I just listened to both mixes. Missed them when you uploaded for some reason. We don't need an official mix for this collaboration, as far as I'm concerned. Anyone can make their own interpretation. I probably wouldn't keep the acoustic guitar solo or add an electric for that matter, but it's cool that you guys featured them. We'll see when I get around to mixing it myself.

                Arthur Labus

                  Have fun with that one ... "Elevator Mix feat. Sliding Doors" 😉


                    Like the warm tone and the guitars in particular sound really nice.

                    Some of the additions work for me, some don't. The mix gets a little cluttered in the final chorus / outro.

                    I get the direction you're going in, but I don't think you've quite got there yet. Your other mixes have blown me away with their creatively and out and out originality.

                    Buuuuut , that's just me, other people may well love it 🙂

                    Arthur Labus

                      Thanks Toby !
                      Can you exactly say me which addition works and which not ? I am surely not objective enough.
                      What you recognize as "last chorus" ?! 🙂

                      Well, i must say - it is stunning stuff and it was literally ready served from Anders.
                      So i just wanted to serve good mix back 😉

                      I am curious what you say more precise about ... thanks in advance !



                        Hey Arthur, Sorry.... once again I've been rubbish at replying.

                        I don't think there's anything wrong with anything you're doing specifically.

                        With your previous mixes, it felt like you turned the song inside out and upside down, brought it back from another dimension and flipped it on the reverse side, before crafting a beautiful, unique mix that showed me the song in a new way.

                        With this mix, it feels like you haven't quite found your own 'vibe' with the song. ....buuuut, I wrote the lyrics, so I'm not a good judge. It's always gonna come back to the words, more than the music with this one for me.

                        Like you, I can't be objective. I would wait to see what other people say.


                          Been working on my own mix, between Warren's tracks and various competition tracks.

                          Went for a stripped down 80's vibe. Really pleased with the way this song is coming on. And very proud to be a part of it.

                          It's been a tough month of mixing waaaay above my weight... this mix was very much mixed in-between other mixes with tired ears, so a fresh perspective would be greatly appreciated 🙂


                          Arthur Labus

                            Last version so far. Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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