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    Patrick Gregory

      Hi Warren and all the many users on this forum.
      I am recently mixing a song with a lot of drums and there is a specific mix that was tracked over the shoulder of the drummer called the Over shoulder Mic. I am having some difficulty get control of the frequencies of this mic and the placement in my drum mix because it has a lot of Hihat and kick bleed in it. I can gate it but you loose that dynamic and sustain of the snare and you this pop click sound in the mix. I can eq it but again losses the snare body and vibe sound. If I do nothing except compress it pushes the his' in the drum too much. I would appreciate any comments or thoughts on the best way to approach this.

      Thanks So Much.

      Peace and Faith


      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Patrick,

        I don't know how many other drum channels you have so it's difficult to tell what to do.
        I would try to use that mic and the overheads to get a base sound and then mix in kick, snare etc to make them stick out.
        In that case I would not compress those tracks because you may get even more of the sounds you don't want.

        If you only have that track and maybe another overhead I would copy the tracks more then once and then EQ them to extremes so that only the snare sound or the kick sound or the highs of the cymbals are left and mix the new tracks in to get more kick or snare.

        Then of course you could use the extrem eq'ed tracks to create drum sample tracks.


        Jeff Macdonald

          What does muting the mic do to the drum sound? I have a hate-hate relationship with over the shoulder mics. I have tried many times to get them to work and they just create a phasey mess for me. I understand they are supposed to get the 'drummers perspective' but they tend to just muddy things up and add very little. For context though, I get my drum sound from the OH and Room Mics predominantly.

          If you are set on using it, I would check the phase of that channel and line it up with the overheads, as a start. You might be getting some weird stuff going on there, especially if it wasn't measured off in phase to the snare. Maybe dig some 2-4k out of it and roll it off at 80hz to get the kick out of it. Then if it's still too bright you can back some 5-7k out of it. This is just some ball park stuff to try. But when it doubt, leave it out 😉



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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