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    Steve A

      I love 'within these walls' talk, can't wait to hear of this next level technology...
      Quite exiting times we live in, gotta love it...


      Mike Krowiak

        Exciting times, but dangerous: With great technology comes great responsibilty... 🙂

        Steve A



            I think that Universal Audio is in a great position to create a similar product as they already work with unison technology that sounds killer to me.

            Jared Sherman

              Warren, within these walls, can you tell us some more details about what Slate told you on the next gen version? I am interested in the technology and concept they are doing there but I think that the analog end of the initial VMS looks a bit lacking - so I would be much more interested in a more accurate mic and mic pre such as what, for example, an Earthworks mic and preamp might provide - true flat reference grade frequency response and transparency.

              Terry Doyle

                I looked at this product and I almost bought it but as I have so few mics myself (just building out my home studio now) I decided to get a stereo pair of AKG C314's and another stereo pair of Oktava MK 012. My thinking was that while you could get a great set of different mics with the Slate product ... and probably better than what I am buying ... you can still only use one at a time!

                Loren Knight

                  I have only an opinion to share. It seems that unless you are trying to over dub onto an old track that used one of these old mic then the relentless pursuit of an exact match don't make much sense to me. Further, I believe it is a fact that few of these old mics sound like same as another of the same make.

                  I think what Slate is really selling is a package that offers a variety of great sounding front end for recording with all the proven characteristics of the past greats. The bottom line is can you get great sounding recording from this product? Further, there is a ton of budget and an time conveniences built in.

                  For a small studio this seems like the ultimate mic to set up in a vocal booth on a permanent basis.

                  Loren Knight

                    Jared, just a thought.

                    For the Slate VMS I think it's not important if the mic is the flattest of all mics although the goal was to be super flat. But once Slate had a particular mic design that he could get consistently reproduced then the software end knows what in going into it and can then work with that signal appropriately. If you found a flatter mic it would still be a different mic and not what the software is expecting. It's the whole package that makes it work.

                    So the real quality question is, is the mic and pre-amp manufacturing process consistent enough? My guess is Steve is the type of guy who is pretty on top of that. I don't know. He just projects that personality in his videos.

                    IMHO. Not an expert here at all.

                    Jon Burns

                      I see it as the mic equivalent of Software Instruments really -
                      I'd like to have every model of Mellotron in my house... but
                      sampletron is doing the job for now 🙂

                      Johnny Sommerer

                        Maybe this


                        was what Warren was refering to in an older post. Not much to see, but it's definitely a tease 😉

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