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    Scott Peets

      Scott Peets
      I started out in the early 80's at S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood and then moved on to Design FX Audio just as digital tape was coming into it's own. Design FX purchased one of the Record Plant remote trucks, redesigned the API console and rebuilt the interior. That was my home away from home for over 20 years. After DFX closed it's doors I made the move to working entirely ITB. Joining PLAPA was a great choice because of the tracks available to mix and the interaction of all the members along with Feedback Fridays. Spending so many years mixing in the truck I had become pretty fast and efficient in the live venue but not quite as refined as I wanted to be. PLAPA has been a great way for me to mix ITB and refine my skills. I also partnered up with a couple of composers and have mixed some orchestral and pop music cues.

      The Transition:
      DFX Truck To Loft<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

      I tend to gravitate to the plugins modeled after the hardware that I got used to over the years using UAD and Waves. 1176, LA-2A, LA-3A as well as the Slate console emulation and tape emulation.

      The System:
      I use a 2013 refurbished MAC Trash Can with High Sierra/ Pro Tools 2018. Xeon E5 processor 2.4GHz, 12 core, 64GB RAM 1T internal SSD.

      Yamaha NS10/Yamaha P2500S Amp, JBL-LSR305/JBL sub, Sony MDR-V6 headphones and Bose earbuds.

      The Design FX Remote days
      Cue Samples

      Mark Beeson

        Impressive resume Scott. You've done some great stuff.

        Scott Peets

          Thanks Mark, I have a lot of great memories from the "truck days".

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