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    Matt Graham

      So many options. Thought I’d throw it out to my plapa peeps for their opinions. I’ll cut and paste a text I JUST sent to a buddy:

      I need help organizing my purchase orders coming up. Requirements?
      8 more pre’s with good converters
      Neumann mic for vocals
      Compressor (mostly for vocals) almost everything else can be managed in the box. I’m looking to amp up what goes in.

      I think I need pre’s first

      Good ones tho. I can’t afford another Atlas. The “second choice” pre’s will be dedicated to drums/ horns and strings (if all recorded live) in all likelihood. Otherwise everything gets tracked with the Atlas.

      Then I think, I mostly use the Atlas by itself so why not juice up what goes in properly? There is a very good reason Pro Studios commit to tracks with mild compression ala 1176. Particularly vocals.

      THEN I think, man it would be absolutely stellar to have one more BAE rack unit. Overheads, kick and snare whatever.

      I can’t seem to lock down the most important next step. You’ll notice another mic is not on this list.

      Anyone care to assisy me or guide me. Am i on the right track with the pre?



      Matt Graham

        I'd like to point out that I used the rackmount BAE1073 w EQ to track vocals and was completely STOKED at what I got back. That is why I'm considering another before acquiring something like the Audient 880.

        Now a another studio owner friend is offering me his CraneSong Trekker at a reasonable price.

        Where would you guys and gals aim?

        I want to remain MOBILE and record at the artists own studio or environment.


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