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      Hi all. Broadway Joe here. I am working on a project to raise funding for a drug rehab clinic. I was asked to play bass on 2 tracks. The songs have a Motown Philly soul vibe. Of course I am now arranging and producing now. Which, I am glad to do. There are two other producer/writers on the project. The thing is they want a old soul vibe with a modern twist. I have rearranged the strings, added a horn swell and backward snare verb (Thanks Warren)along with two guitar parts ala Nile Rodgers. That song I didn't think needed a new bass line. The guys tracked it live. But I did suggest a Stevie Wonder Harp part and a climb to a new key. So now everyone wants to rerecord from scratch! At way If anyone has some Ideas they would like to share, I would love to hear them. I'll post a YouTube vid. of these songs if you guys are interested. Thank you all so much, Your Pal,Joseph. Cheers!

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