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    Magnus Johansson

      Alot of nice ideas here. Here´s another.

      Project Competition on a Budget (Producer Competition)

      Competition would be kind of a mix competition with a major difference. You will be in charge over the budget. Like a producer. The downloadable multitracks should consist of multiple takes of the different instruments/parts divided into prices.

      Let´s take the drums as a first example. Drums could come in three prices. First some John Doe internet drummer delivering a MIDI performance. Second some live tracked drums @ spitfire. Third, Kenny Aronoff returning performance as if he was sent the song in a regular way. And he should be to keep it as authentic as possible.

      Lead vox tracked in a regular room with a good mic vs. tracked in a real studio with an even better mic. Interesting to see what it would make of the performance.

      We could go on with Warren on his bass or one of his studio session go to:s.

      Guitar, a "cheap" Warren version and a more expensive Tim Pierce.

      Maybe a Slash solo or an additional co. (feat.) singer like Sara Bareilles doing a verse and some harmonies. Those options will probably be pretty expensive. Using Slash and/or Sara Bareilles would result in some marketing points in the competition. No clue how it would be applied though.

      List can go on as you all understand. Backvox from spitfire interns or some hired pros in a better place. Maybe someone chooses to have a small but expensive string sections, the other guy settles for a synthpad to be able to afford that Slash solo.

      All items should come with different pricetags and our goal would be to create a mix not breaking the competition budget. There could be some different levels on the competition as well. Cheap, middle, high and no limits.

      Important would be to have session players really deliver their "thing". There must be something to gain opting for something expensier. Both in performance and overall quality. That not said that I might very well like Warrens playing prior to Tim. Another rule would be to not add anything ourselves. We only have what is given in the multitrack.

      Sorry Warren for me maybe coming out like an ass. Don´t mean anything having you as the cheap alternative. Was only thinking of you as the inhouse musician.

      Jared Sherman

        I really like this idea but yeah there is no way that Warrren is a cheap option for guitar - unless he is the one producing the session, then you get a great guitar player thrown in as an added bonus. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don't all provide that kind of "added value." So in this context maybe Warren could represent the expensive guitar option and some academy member or Spitfire employee/intern who is a self-professed average guitar player could be the cheap option.

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