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    Sheldon Woodcock

      Greetings all!! Guess Im the first here. Lucky me. My favourite videos to watch that you make Warren are studio tour videos. Especially smaller home/pro personal studios. It gives me a great chance to see and hear what pros are using in there chain and why. Almost like testing gear through someone else's hears. I live in a place where we don't have a store to "try gear out". By trade I am a voice over artist. That's how I make my money. So I'm totally into hearing what gear chain people use to create incredible sounds for vocals. When you're dealing with just a voice (most of the time), it needs to be pristine, and sometimes big sounding so I'm always looking for ways to create that. I'm also a huge music fan and been able to help people put together a few cd's and mix and master stuff. The only way I know how to do anything is by watching videos like the ones you put out. I would be REALLY interested in videos that talk about sound chains. What pros use to create great vocal sounds. Does anyone do pro voice over recordings? What kind of a chain do they use and how is it set up? I can't afford 5-6 different mix bus compressors so what would be a really good pro compressor for Hip Hop/Pop? What is a good order of priority when purchasing new gear? I have pretty good pre amps, apollo I/O and a d-box summing box but should I consider a mix bus compressor next? what kind? Converters? What kind? When do you add a patch bay? How do you do that? I know I'm all over the place here but to have help to prioritize the building of a good studio for music and voice overs, would be spectacular, if that is possible. Again, LOVE the videos you create Warren. It's incredible the amount of content you deliver. Always new, always fresh, we're all blessed. Hope there's an idea in here ๐Ÿ™‚

      Many thanks,


        Great point!

        I produce electronic music on my own and Iยดm always dreaming about recording people, instruments and noises (very rarely happened) and so my main concern, after spending money for nothing here and there, is "Do I really need what I want right now?" and if so "how usable can it really be?" ; "versatile?" ; "long lasting?" and so on...

        The thing is, could there be a way of cutting the crap most companies make you think you need and get straight to the point of what you really need for your goals short, mid and longterm wise?

        Alex Wilson


          I think this could be expanded to gear priority in general... I have already learned a ton from PLAP and PLAPA on gear that may solve some of my challenges (although it is going to take me some time to save my pennies). I actually have some higher end stuff now, and I have to say there is a difference. But oddly enough, having the chance to work on the gear I have now, has made it a ton easier to work on lower end gear.

          Although, I would totally tune in to a Vocal Chain gear discussion any day of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚


          Derek Whitaker

            As an Apollo user I think it's really cool to have the Unison preamp simulations available, but I wonder if there are any professionals out there that feel tracking with UAD emulated pre's (Like the 1073) are good enough yet to replace using a real preamp on the front end? The only hardware preamp I had to compare was the 610. I thought it sounded pretty close.

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