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    Bianca Buhmann


      Prime Studios Plug-ins seem to be hidden in a little secret corner of the internet...

      They are offering plugins made by Acustica Audio. And one of them is free, go to their plugins-website and scroll down to the footer, there is Charly for free if you subscripe to the newsletter.

      It's a very subtile plugin, but it throws some fairy dust on your master bus.

      Additional: protools-experts is offering their Prime Compressor II for half the price. Seems to be an EMI Chandler TG1-Limiter model ...i love it, it's a very gentle comp/limiter but it enriches the mids and the highs like a fairchild without sucking the lows out.


      and for Prime Compressor II:


      Arthur Labus

        Thanks Bianca !
        I followed your link and after subscription there was a mail with link to download Charly for free.
        However,i don't see it on the plugins page, so thanks again for the link 😉


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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