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    Jon Isaac

    Hi. Old guy that can finally afford computers and plugins. Terrible singer (let's be real, barely a vocalist) songwriter, musician, and even worse mixer and producer.
    First time recording and mixing with modern tools. I have been working on mixing and producing skills for about 8 months. Thanks pandemic! Put a lot of time and money into it but accept my skill level.
    I improved but not to where I want to be and thought it time to share this unfinished project early, esp with the world chaos and all.
    I was going to resist seeking the (crushing) advice of experts, but here we go. Breathe deep.
    Please do tell me how to improve.
    Thanks in advance. I may be slow in thanking you as my ego rebalances.
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    Paul Arntz

    Great work...  More drums would move it along better for me.  Thanks for sharing!

    Jon Isaac

    Thanks Paul.

    I presume you mean drums louder in the mix, and not more drum solos? Haha. I went against my gut and brought the drums down.

    Cheers, Jon

    Lukasz Frankowski

    Jon, love the track. Great vibe. Takes me back. I would not be so harsh on yourself. If that's your vocals you're doing fine. Trust me. Coming from someone in your shoes.

    Jon Isaac

    Thanks Lukasz,

    You are too kind. Encouraging! Cheers!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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