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    Arthur Labus

      Hello everybody !
      This is dedicated thread for PLAP members collaboration for Mix Challenge - Sonwriter Competition in November 2018
      Genre: METAL
      Submission until 24 November 2018 23:55 CET

      You can check the thread directly here:

      Anything what is "metal" goes. Only original stuff. No cover / no remixes.

      Ladies and Germans - let's start !

      I throw my programming drums skills and all my libraries in the ring. Production hat, mixing, mastering - you know what i can do.

      There is a chance to win some software, however i think we should even start with making music first LOL
      I highly recommend this site as supplement for PLAP due almost realistic "dealing with clients" situation.
      Its free.

      Kian Sparke

        Hey Arthur, cool! I'm cool for guitars my friend!

        And I have ordered some spandex pants and a gig-wig for the photoshoot....! ??? .... ok, ok... I'll cancel the order! ???

        I'll check the website out when I get chance.

        So, are we writing a song from scratch?!? ?

        Talk soon

        Arthur Labus

          Yes, exactly. Everything from the scratch OR maybe someone has already an idea to develop ?!

          BTW -I HAVE ALREADY A WIG ... just need that spandex stuff LOL

          Kian Sparke


            Kian Sparke

              Ok, so what METAL genre are we going for....?

              I've always been a believer of Iron Maiden's teachings, as well as Ozzie! Not to mention Motorhead and Metallica....!

              Any ideas on direction and I'll start thinking about a chord progression and lyric!

              Sweet! ?

              Dave Merkel

                I'm down for helping out. Most anything on keys is where I live. Not sure I'd be much help on the writing phase -- I've not ever written metal, but I've played keys (gigs and tracks) for most genres, including metal.

                Let me know if I can help you out!

                Ken Nilsen

                  Hi. I'm in for doing some vocals, if interested.
                  Where do we start?
                  All the best.

                  Arthur Labus

                    I would suggest, we should choose the direction.
                    And i mean, pretty quick 😉

                    Or draft anyone ?

                    As Kian mentioned th spandex era - i suddenly got an idea to create kind typical 80's long hair metal.
                    Maybe something about pre-Christmas time ?
                    About all that sh... stuff everywhere from Halloween till Christmas ?
                    Not so serious ?
                    About no need "the stuff" but just warm heart ?

                    "I never mind last Christmas, Baby
                    I have no heart to share
                    Nobody has to give it back, honey
                    Thats why, i dont care"

                    Make it sense ? And please apologize my english 😀

                    David Lees

                      Great idea, though I've never tried before. I'm still trying to work out what djent means. I might cup the mic and scream, then my neighbours will come round if I plug the amp in again.

                      Arthur Labus

                        Hey David, we all have no idea what we are doing, however we know "how to" 😀
                        Its all blank space here, so comme on over with your ideas 😀

                        Kian Sparke

                          Hey guys & gals, trying to upload some ideas but the computer-says-no for some reason...

                          Will try again tomoz or try a different strategy/plan!

                          Rock 'n' Roll ?

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