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    jean-emmanuel sultana

      Hi guys!
      I have an iMac 27 from 2011 and I feel like it will be out of the race soon. It is time for me to move to something new.
      I will need some advice from you guys. I love Mac but a new iMac 27 will coast around 3000 dollars. Do you think looking for a good configuration on a pc That will be able to handle in-the-box mixing will be more cost effective? The link I am including is something that seemed interesting to me. Any opinions? Can I work as comfortably on PC as on Mac? I trust your opinions more than those of the computer magazines I am reading.

      face (chris) Janton

        no link --
        I just upgraded my 2013 iMac to a 2019 5k Retina iMac. A bit more than $3000, but not much. Mostly seamless, but I am running latest macOS and tools. I use Logic, so PC is not in the cards.

        If you are a Studio One, ProTools, or other DAW user, then not a problem.

        The "cost-effectiveness" shouldn't be measured against the computer you choose, it should be measured by everything that you do surrounding your music production business. All the tools that you use. All the gear that you connect. All the "other" things you do as part of the workflow.

        ProTools and gear? Dedicated studio computer? Sure, a PC will probably get you faster performance at a possibly lower price. Studio One? Same answer.

        All around, do everything else as well as the music? I'm a Mac person with too many years of in-bred workflow. If I switched to Studio One and a PC I would be 5 years behind and have to re-train.

        just my opinion.

        Guido tum Suden

          Hi Jean,
          I guess you're not using Logic ;-). So, yes you can, but you will have to get used to Windows and you will be annoyed a lot of times because simple things seem not to be working as you would expect them to. In time you probably will get used to things like first clicking on a window before trying to scroll its content and such.
          But then, there's also the Hackintosh which gets more popular each day.



            Hey Jean! I see this is an older post and perhaps you've already found an option, but I've actually been looking into this--

            Its upgrading (or getting an upgraded) Mac Pro 2009/2010.
            I've been at various studios where they still use these towers and I've seen people run intense mix sessions without an issue.
            This way you're still in the Mac platform, only downside is I believe Apple has stopped issuing OS updates as of this year for these macs.
            But having said that, if you're fine with sticking to an older OS, you'll get a powerful computer for about $1200 max.

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