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    Chin Shin Wong


      I'm thinking of expanding my inputs and outputs by 8 each through ADAT, which obviously leads to me looking at the range of 8 channel mic pres in the market.

      I know that the OctoPre's preamps have gotten a hard knock in terms of how they sound, but I'm really only using it for the line-ins. I use edrums instead of real drums, my guitar heads output into a Torpedo Captor X which feeds into the interface via line in and for vocals, I have a couple of better sounding outboard preamps which again I feed into the interface via line in.

      So even if I get the OctoPre, the mic preamps would really only be used sparingly as a convenience for the rare occasion that I need more than 2 mic pres at the same time.

      Given that, I guess the question would be: would it be worth it to get the OctoPre just for the line ins and AD/DA conversion, or should I look into getting something like the FerroFish Pulse? (I've considered the FerroFish, but it's not easily available in Thailand where I live)


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