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    Chris Sweet

      Recently learned this technique. Hopefully someone will find it useful. If you gate your room mikes, but side chain them to the snare, the rooms will open up just on the snare hits and create this explosive snare sound. I think Phil Collins did that with the talk back mic or maybe I'm confusing stories but it's a cool little trick if you want your drums tight sounding but the snare to explode.

      Arthur Labus

        It works great on kick too. Or you go 80's all or nothing and do it for entire kit.
        It works also with gate and reverb through effect channel as send.
        That's right - it was gated talk back mic during Phil Collins session.


          Nice tip! I will try it soon.


            cool guys cant wait to try that


              Wow, what a difference it has made, Ive just picked up side chaining and took this as a first use, i use Superior Drummer 2 with no additional samples added, but the impact on sound is just amazing.

              I added a reverb to help glue it all together, but i cant thank you enough, that is a very usable technique.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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