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    David Case

      Hey all, I've been mixing on a set of KRK Rokit G2's here (they're yellow, which makes them 14% better) and after treating my room and bringing my skills up a bit, I wanted to get better monitors. It's a small room - 12x10 (ft) so I think a 6" would be the best way to go. I work on mostly acoustic and rock music, so I don't have needs for super low bass, etc. I think I need to have front ported speakers as I'm pretty much up against the wall - correct?

      I've been looking at the Neumann KH120's - what else should I look at to compare against them? I'm probably going to head into NYC over the next few weeks to give some other sets a listen. I know I should try them out here in my room, first, so I'm going to see if I can find some audio shops who will rent or provide demos...


        the KS Digital stuff is very good.

        i am looking forward to buy a par of them....

        Jacob Richter

          For near to super-nearfield i would recommended these little guys:

          very linear and surprisingly with a lot of lowend (but not superloud).
          For the price you could order these as a second pair to compare.

          Magnus Johansson

            Those abacus speakers seem very interesting.

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