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    Neil Speers

      Your Name - Neil Speers

      Where your studio is based - Calgary AB

      Your Bio - 40 plus years of music, and the last 10 or so in a serious, original music kind of way. For my original music, I'm now mixing jazz textures with the grit of blues guitar. As well, I play bass in traditional (New Orleans) jazz band and in a blues-rock band.

      DAW of choice - Logic Pro X is main DAW although I also have Cubase and Harrison MixBus

      Genres you primarily work with - Blues and jazz mix, traditional blues, singer/songwriter

      Favourite Plugins
      Waves Doubler2/4
      Waves Kramer Tape
      Waves NLS Channel/Bus
      Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelninkov compressor
      Focusrite Red 2 EQ
      Focusrite Red 2 Compressor
      Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch kick Machine
      Metric Halo Transient Control
      Eventide Stereo Room
      Waves Abby Road Studio 3

      Gear List (doesn't have to be 100% complete!)
      ART T4 Tube Mic
      RODE NT1
      AKG c100s
      Shure Drum Mics
      AKG D112
      AT 3035 (x2)
      RODE M5-MP
      Focusrite Clarett 8pre
      Lexicon MPX500
      Golden Age Pre 573
      FMR RNLA
      HRK EQ5169
      DBX 580
      DBX 266xs
      Yamaha HS8
      Sennheiser HD 280
      Arturia Minilab mm II
      Presonus Faderport
      Mackie Big Knob
      Yamaha P45
      Kemper Profiler
      Guitars (lots), Mandolin, Basses, Guitilele, Cigarbox Guitar, Violin (I'm learning to play), Effects
      Alesis Nitro Digital Drums

      What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list) -
      Neve Mic Preamps
      API Mic Preamps
      1073 compressors
      LA-2A compressors
      Roli Seaboard Keyboard
      Burl Audio B32 Vancouver interface
      Neumann U87
      Neumann U47
      AKG 414
      Shure 57 Beta
      Adam A77x Monitors
      Sonarworks 4
      updated room treatment
      Lifetime access to PALP

      Facebook & Instagram Links -

      Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there? Etc.
      - hopefully, I'll be the famous person who has recorded there - it is a project studio. It does take up about half the upper floor in my townhouse.

      Photos of your Studio
      Main Control
      A small selection of the guitar collection
      The Rack
      Effects on call
      When I need to beat something
      My mascot

      Liara Stavlo

        Wow, that's a good number of pedals! Favorite?

        Neil Speers

          Sorry late response - haven't been on here awhile.

          My favourites are the
          Earthquaker Afterneath - ambience, reverb, etc
          Keeley D&M Drive (on a pedalboard, so not shown) - overdrive and boost
          Garagetone Axle Grease - analogue delay, super open sounding - best delay I've heard that doesn't use tape and super cheap.

          Neil Speers

            Also not showing the other 6 or 7 guitars I have 😀

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