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    Michael Hordorwich

      Ok at a local pawn shop i found some gear they have for sale and they actually will work with me on the prices so they say if i buy a bunch of the items. Here's a list of some of the items and yes i've read some reviews online but some of the bigger sites can be harsh towards certain brands and i still wonder if a couple are getting paid to say certain things and also promote certain items but i will not mention any of the sites or peoples names, not going there and i have met a few of them so thats all i will say on that. Anyways here it goes and just so you know i have a ton of gear and also recorded at some of the finest studios and used lots of great gear but these i missed out trying as of yet! Appreciate any insight and if the deals are so great and i get them as a package if it's something im not going to use and an acadamy member wants anything id be willing to buy it then you pay me back and just pay for shipping. Thats what Community is all about right. Ok here it goes. Only thing is remember time is of essence as i dont think some things will last long but i tried to get them to hold a few things, ok
      1. Neuman cond mic tlm-103 with case in perfect cond $599
      2. Audio technica 3035 cond mic $60
      3. audix f10 fusion series 1 of 3 the f10 for $27.00
      4. Behringer tube ultragain mic preamp $75
      5. audix d6 for $80
      6. Alesis 620 m1 100 watt ref monitors $199 for both
      7. rode nt1 $100
      8. akg 112 $100 , i'm a beta 52 guy and its been awhile since i had a 112 so i hope they still have cause i noticed some drummers like to play basketball lol
      9.allen and heath gl3 mixing console $400
      10. alesis infamous 3630 compressor $50 Actually i have 2 and actually like them. Everyone is different but at one time this was the best selling comp.
      update lots more when i go there tomorrow and see whats still there. I want the neumann the d112 and the audix d6 for sure and curious about the behringer preamp as i heard great things about this one and some behringer stuff is cool, like peavey they get a bad rap but i never had any problems with them. So any opinions on this gear for me would be appreciated and if its still there and i dont buy it again let me know if your interested. Actually i might even be able to hook u up with them to buy direct ill ask. Will make it easier than me fronting out all the cash and shipping. Have a feeling that this stuff will be gone as it goes quick. One time i went in they had a rg-550 great price actually way too low so didnt want to bargain and have them look it up and raise the price lol and by the time i atopped back at home and then went to cash station and came back poof gone.Anyways thanks, mike

      Ignasi Bocanegra

        Hi Michael,
        Recently I purchased a Rode NT-1 (not NT-1A). I'm still discovering and getting used to but I feel a rounded useful response from it. So versatile in getting sounds from everything you put in front. For 100$ maybe it's worths to give it a shoot.

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