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    Nate Wycoff

      Hey PLAP!

      I recently changed my location and name and haven’t updated my new site.

      My studio is called Frequency Farm Recording Studio.

      My old studio website is

      I’ll be moving it to soon.

      You can find me on Instagram as

      My wife and I run where I do web and graphic design. She handles the internet marketing end, things like google AdWords and Facebook ads etc.

      For my studio site I need to narrow down what it is that I do. I can do a lot, everything from recording end to
      print and web and video.

      Rock on!

      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Nate Wycoff.
      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Nate Wycoff.
      Nate Wycoff

        Oh and if anyone has any questions or needs help with web design, I will give 50% off my design services to any PLAP members. I have 20yrs experience in design.

        Also, I recommend Bluehost for a host. Here’s a link. I do get a little kickback if you use my link. Warren or admin let me know if that’s not allowed and I’ll take this down.

        Anita Potter

          Hey Nate! Hope your site move will be a smooth transmission. I've moves sites before some would have a one click transfer thing others didn't have that functionality so moving it all manually was a pain in the arse! Definitely post photos of your new environment on your new site that way potential clients can see how warm and inviting it is to record in a home environment. Look forward to seeing it in its new home 🙂

          Dave Merkel

            Hey Nate -- that 'older' website is pretty great on its own, but I fully get the idea/need to change names and domain names. I, too, recommend BlueHost, they are quite stable, and their tech support is great for the occasional problem. And, it's good to know "I know someone who knows/lives with someone" that knows internet marketing -- it's on my list down the road.

            Mike Morrison

              Hi Nate!

              We already talked in the chat about the cool blurred meters photo on your home page and your audio samples medley. Looking forward to seeing the new site when it's ready!

              Nate Wycoff

                I have moved my site over to

                Updated my prices and added some photos of my studio as it is now.

                I’ve also added a store to sell my handmade Lofi microphones.

                I’m still trying to get the message to be more clear about what I do. Also I want to make it less about me and my gear and more about filling the clients needs.

                Thanks again everyone!

                Mike Morrison

                  Hey Nate,

                  The new site is really coming together!

                  Cover art is great. New digs look really inviting on the About Us page.

                  Came across a bit of funk on the Demo Reel page that I thought you'd want to know about...
                  bad gateways

                  Nate Wycoff

                    Thanks for the heads up Mike! Just needed a theme update. Got it fixed up now.

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