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    Erik Duijs

      Hello all,

      Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've recently dabbled a bit with audio plugin development.
      I've attached the results to this post (sorry, only VST3 builds for 64bit Windows at the moment and sorry, no proper installer yet).

      A plugin that simulates some characteristics of a tube (valve), but allows for extreme exaggerations that would never happen in a real tube, which can create some quite interesting effects. It doesn't actually aim to very accurately simulate a real tube (well maybe a really broken one, lol).
      It has the following parameters:
      - Gain: input gain
      - Threshold+: Threshold where saturation starts in the positive side of the waveform.
      - Threshold-: Threshold where saturation starts in the negative side of the waveform (choosing a different setting here will introduce even harmonics)
      - DCM Threshold: Threshold where Duty-Cycle Modulation (DCM) starts
      - DCM Amount: The amount of DCM (this can be set to insane values)
      - DCM Attack: The attack time of the DCM in ms.
      - DCM Release: The release time of the DCM in ms.
      - Output: output level

      A simple soft-saturation plugin with the following parameters:
      - Gain: input gain
      - Threshold: where the saturation starts
      - Max: The maximum level (so the saturation happens between threshold and max)

      When dropping the .vst3 files in your VST3 folder, the plugins will appear the Distortion section in Cubase. I've only tested in Cubase 9.5, but I suppose it should also work in other DAWs that support VST3 plugins.

      Although I know a few things about DSP, I've just started out with this in C++ and I'm not a brilliant C++ developer (yet?), but maybe you'll find it interesting nevertheless.


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      Erik Duijs

        Hm, it seems the file attachment option doesn't work for me 🙁
        Any tips?

        Simon Brown

          Put it in Dropbox or similar and link to it?

          Arthur Labus

            Seems like we are not allowed to upload such "dangerous" files 😀
            As Simon mentioned: dropbox, google drive, or maybe try a ZIP file ?
            I am sadly not familar with restrictions while upload.

            Erik Duijs

              Ah thanks, a .zip worked (it's in the original post).


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