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    Jared Sherman

      Hello, I think it would be great to get feedback videos for not just PLAP tracks but also other themes such as:
      1) Original Songwriting feedback
      2) Production feedback (Personal or another artist we are working on)
      3) Mixing feedback (also Personal or another artist we are working on).

      Maybe these elements can be all together in one or maybe they can each get their own theme days in addition to the Feedback Friday's where we take the song of the month and mix or remix it. One possibility is the song of the month Feedback day could be the last Friday of the month, and the other themes get their own day - and of course if there is not enough material to fit the theme there could be some crossover for whatever has too much content. This would also give subscribers who don't have as much free time to make quick and/or several different mixes/remixes of the PLAP song some time to work on it and make it more equitable for all.

      I would really love to get feedback from Warren regarding the stuff I am working on that has nothing to do with the monthly multitrack sessions posted here.


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      Jared Sherman

        Another idea that could be a subcomponent of this idea is to have genre specific original song Feedback days. This may help motivate people creatively as well (like if the genre is out of someone's comfort zone maybe it will help inspire them and ultimately make them more well rounded).

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        Cris Sabater Sabater

          Hi Jared, great ideas mate. Another one that I think might be cool would for us to upload videos of our own process! A picture paints a thousand words as they say and we could learn a huge amount from each other this way! There are so many screen catching programs that are easy to use these days I am sure we could do this.

          Cheers mate,


          Jared Sherman

            Great idea, Chris!


              Yep I agree - it would be great to get feedback on projects we've worked on from start to finish. Although i'm not sure how in-depth Warren would be able to go, as it would require looking at projects in fine detail from many different platforms. Never-the-less i'd be happy enough to get feedback on final mixes.

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