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      I have an insatiable appetite for listening to music that is (really, really) well recorded and mixed, I'm a bit of an audiophile (and hi-fi snob!) and have a moderate hi-fi system that I love to get the best from. I find this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

      I hear Warren talk about the great engineers and producers and the records they've produced and I'd love to hear a guided tutorial on what makes a particular track so exciting or ground breaking. A detailed critique pin pointing some technical aspects of a mix, that creates excitement or energy. Critical listening, is I guess what I'm getting at.

      This would help develop our ears, learn how to focus in on sounds and listen to the finer details.Plus, it would help in generating a library of reference tracks to aim for in our mixes.



        By the way, I've just listened to Steely Dan for the first time. Of course, I was aware of them but completely missed their back catalogue! Amazing sounding records!

        Stephen Korst


          Colin Kettenacker

            Plus one one this. Auntiebeeb summed it up nicely.

            Steve A

              Hi Sara, good to meet a fellow audiophile! I think your idea is a good one...
              It could be as simple as what you stated in your first post, but would be 'next level' stuff if it was a track that had similarities with the current PLAPA multitrack.

              Jared Sherman

                Several years ago I had the pleasure of spending an entire day in a very small master class (only about 6 of us gathered in a circle in a studio) with Roger Nichols who famously did all the Steely Dan records. Great experience. Very interesting character for sure. He passed away maybe two years afterward.

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