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      oh ok i get it now

      Just Lisa

        I can't record anything right now. Electrical problems in the house or maybe the mic or cable. I could do all the drums with samples and the drum plug in I have in Studio One. Oh, and the cowbell, of course.
        Can unplugged maybe use the di guitars?
        It sounds like a great idea.
        : )

        Arthur Labus

          I think we should go for "unplugged" as everybody understand and could create and mix for yourself.
          So i would say - recording percussion is not mandatory, but encouraged.
          I have dedicated drum library played with hot rods, so if there is any need ...
          DI for guitars are ok as long it fits "unplugged" genre. If it is genre at all 😀
          I will start new thread right now !

          Mark Holden

            Just in from work and whats been outlined sounds fine to me

            1 acoustic/clean DI
            2 leave out the recorded drums if you want a beat create one anythings goes
            3 no more than 16 tracks at any time.
            4 18th March deadline

            Does that sum it up? Arthur are you posting the new thread link here?

            Arthur Labus
            Viewing 5 posts - 37 through 41 (of 41 total)
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