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    Mark Holden


      Were gathering momentum here, just getting ready to put End of the world into DAW so How about I say lets do the acoustic strip down (just had a listen to song this could be tricky so a good test to start with) and leave it to someone else to pick the tool restrictions if any?


      Arthur Labus

        Maybe i said too much too quickly 😉
        I am not so sure we have at least one acoustic guitar playing through.
        However, it should be possible to gently use some synths instead.
        So maybe half unplugged 😀
        I would say, let us wait a day since we live in different time zones ...
        So: i would be IN.
        Anyone else ?

        Just Lisa

          Gentlemen, good morning.
          Just happens that I loaded up the End of the World tracks the other day, but haven't started mixing it.
          Did anyone have a time frame?
          : )

          Arthur Labus

            Good point.
            I dont know ... if we do that, a deadline is always the best solution for time frame.
            Let me check what we did in the past.
            Hope that Kip would like to do that. It is like "bringing the song to certain direction" 😉

            Just Lisa

              just had a look at the tracks, acoustic and electric guitars trade off all through.
              and had a thought: how about just "commit" ? figure out how to mix as if it were on tape? can't have more than 16 channels at any point so you have to e.g. mixdown your drums to one channel before working on vocals.
              I've never tried limiting the number of tracks. In fact I usually add more!
              : )

              Arthur Labus

                Time frame would be really nice. Not sure if 1 week is enough or maybe two weeks too long.
                However dealing with deadlines is a good experience.

                Yes Lisa, i would also prefer to do something like that.
                I am fine with 16 tracks limitations.
                I was thinking about not to use drums at all, and record some percussion instead. Real challenge 😀
                Shakers, seats, cutlery - anything goes 😉
                Any thoughts ?!


                  i would pretty much just do what im told (as far as what challenge you guys decide on)....i did a 24 track recreation on my 1979 strawberry studio was really hard and i spent over a hundred bucks at the waves store .....i had to start over from the tape phase because i had over compressed with my 4 compressors and that painted myself into a corner....but man it was really insightful to how you had to make decisions
                  i have never turned a plap song into a acoustic song before so that sounds fun to me as well
                  honestly i just want to keep learning/growing

                  Arthur Labus

                    OK, so let us go with that first.
                    I remember you wanted also "turn a song to different direction" Kip 😀

                    Lets collect the conditions:
                    "End Of The Worls" by Alexxx Calise
                    Only 16 tracks to use
                    No original drums tracks to use - we are free (or forced ?!) to record any percussion by ourselves
                    Any given plugin you have
                    We are aiming for "Unplugged" version
                    Deadline: March 18th

                    If you are fine with that, we would set new thread for that in few hours. OK ?


                      i dont know exactly what you mean different direction and i am no drummer but i will try to do a unplugged end of the world
                      i did my end of the world mix the day after it came out ...16 tracks...hmm wish i knew a drummer

                      what are you gonna call it dark side was recorded on 16 track tape..1969?...this could be really cool im down

                      Arthur Labus

                        I mean maybe a matchbox, box with cereals ... at least a bit to grid 😀

                        We not have to set the percussion recording as mandatory. Option is more than ok.


                          i never know if you just trolling me or what...... i have imported a new session and am deleting tracks ...i think if i play 1 at a time i can do the drums ..maybe.. i suck pretty bad lol

                          Arthur Labus

                            Oh my ... i am really not trolling anyone. Mostly. Almost always.

                            I mean really, so much can be percussion. Matcbox is serious thing if you dont have any shaker.
                            It should be an option.

                            I have only four small shaker eggs set. So i have to be creative too.
                            Even two hands rubbing can be recorded.
                            I saw that during Al Di Meola performance 😀

                            I will set new thread when at home again, soon.

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