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    Mike Morrison

      About one-third of my income is from music (tracking, mixing, mastering). Another third is from corporate clients (print/web design, audio/video projects). And the last third comes from 3D design and game development projects.

      What used to happen all the time was stuff like:
      - musicians and producer clients didn't know I could help them with websites / designs
      - corporate clients didn't know I could provide voice-overs / animation / music
      - game developers knew that I could do VOs / music / sound design but didn't know I could do art & asset development (or it was the other way around)

      So, back in 2016, I built a site to start connecting the dots a bit. I went with a tone that's a bit more corporate/agency because those clients bring in the most revenue.

      At this point, it needs a major content update and some of the projects are almost embarrassingly outdated -- but I'm pleased to report that it got me so much work when I sent out the initial announcement to past and present customers and prospects that I haven't had any time to work on it.

      Projects page *will* get a revision -- you've all inspired me to get in gear about that with your cool sites! -- but first I'm going to make a dedicated page of audio samples broken down by category: voice-overs, tracking, mixing, and mastering (A/B).

      Any and all feedback is welcome!



        Very nicely done and I get the corporate look you've gone for and very nicely achieved. As you say, could do with an upgrade with the work samples. I kinda miss them being on the landing page. Though it's tricky with the multi-media nature of your business to arrange them in a way that would 'flood' the page.

        The animations all work very well and feel slick. I'd be tempted to add an audio player to the site. Maybe default it 'mute' to make it 'office safe' (as a lot of your clients are corporate), but that way clients could be hearing your audio work right of the bat.

        Very cool site!


        Anita Potter

          Love the site Mike! Look forward to seeing when you have the chance to update it.

          Dave Merkel

            Great site Mike! Echoing Tobi's and Anita's comments ... it's a very professional site, corporate as you say, but necessary for what you do. I think that layout will translate well into mixing/mastering, etc, all it is you do. Looking forward to what is to come!

            Mike Morrison

              Started putting together a page with some audio samples...

              It's not accessible from the main site yet. When finished, it'll be linked with a tile from the Work Samples page.

              Genres were included in the description to minimize 'playback shock' and for a bit of SEO content value.

              I wanted a music player with a visual element for each song to show the album cover/artist, so I went with the free & open-source AmplitudeJS player. It does require a bit of Javascript and CSS, but not so much that it'll make your head hurt.

              What do you think?

              Arthur Labus

                Looks absolutely professional.
                It works, its simple, good music.
                Thumbs up !

                Mike Morrison

                  Thanks for checking it out Arthur!

                  Mark Beeson

                    Nice work Mike. Your corporate design work is slick. Nice album design as well. It's a real balancing act to promote visual and audio, but I think you do it nicely.

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