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    Mike Ales

      Well, I like to call it a studio, but it is really more like a home office. Not very fancy. Still, I love recording and mixing here in Goodrich, Michigan. I'm Mike and I have been a musician for many years - although I am kinda new to the world of working in the box. I play guitar mostly, with some keys, bass, and drums thrown in. And even though my voice is getting old and tired, I still like to sing on songs that I write. I was a music director and worship leader at a couple of local churches for fifteen years. Right now I get to run live sound for our band at church each week.

      My DAW of choice is Reaper and I mix on a pair of JBL LSR 2328s with room correction and Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I have a few "paid" plugins from Waves and MJUC, and a nice strings section from Spitfire, but otherwise, I have committed to using mostly stock and free plugins until I run out of learning opportunities with them. I want to work to get better with what I have before I spend more money on things I "want". So far, so good.

      Speaking of want, I would like to upgrade my interface to an Audient and come up with a better guitar amp option than the VOX modeling amp I am using now. I also would love to add a pair of Kali monitors. Right now, I do not have the means of recording a full band, so I would like to expand to do that someday. (I really hoped to win the Sweetwater Wishlist Giveaway 😉 Of course, like anyone, the wish list is long. But the "need" list is not. I have a small collection of guitars, from my first electric (a 60's Kingston) to my newest, a Fender Strat Deluxe, and a handful of acoustics, electrics, and bass thrown in.

      I like all sorts of music and I am trying to challenge myself to record and mix many styles. I really like rock, prog rock, and pop though.

      So, that's it. Simple-For-Now.

      Here are a couple of pics:

      Mike Ales

        lol, I would have cleaned up more for better pics, but I am remodeling the bathroom right next to the studio and it won't be done for a while...

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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