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    Michael Garding

      I am a sax/ flute player in the Okanagan when i am not repairing wind instruments for a living.
      I lead my own big band, as well as an 11 piece funk band Groove Engine Kelowna-promo vid Youtube).
      I have played in jazz quartets, top 40 bands, blues bands. multiple local recordings, and am
      now focusing primarily on the studio.

      About the studio:
      My studio is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada.
      Cubase 10.5 pro on Windows 64 pro. Intel 7900k, 32 gig ram
      My console is the Allen & Heath GS-R24, a 24 mono, 2 stereo 2 valve channel board
      AD/DA firewire into the computer.

      Rack items are:
      UA 6176 I use on vocals and/or bass,
      API3124 I use mainly for overheads, kick and snare.
      Will use it for horns, acc guitar etc. as well. (the eq is not used, just stored LOL)
      UA 610mkII primarily for vocals
      Alesis reverb for hp monitor
      DBX 133x which hasn't been used yet,
      and a Behringer HA8000 8 headphone amp.

      Other gear:
      Presonus Faderport Classic
      Roland FP-4 piano,
      Lexicon LPX1,
      Yamaha Custom Alto sax,
      Yamaha custom Soprano Sax
      Fostex LV2424 hard disk recorder
      Fostex R8 Reel to reel
      Roland Electric piano (old)

      Not sure if you want a mic list or not, but here it is:

      1 x Advanced Audio mod C12
      matched pair AKG 414 XLII
      2 x Audio Technica 4060 Tube mic
      2 x KSM 27 large condenser (usually on piano)
      Lewitt 040 match pair
      Audix drum mic pack
      4 x SM57
      2 x SM58
      1 x Sennheiser K6 shotgun mic
      2 x Superlux CM-H8B
      1 Alice style mid/side DIY mic
      1Alice style Stereo DIY mic
      1x C1000 S

      Genres of music I primarily work with are jazz, big band, funk, country, rock

      Favourite plugins are MV2, R bass, R vox, Ruletec, Sibilance, UA 1176,UA LA-2A, Softube Saturation

      Focal Twin 6be or Trios
      Lewitt 640
      More time!

      The thing special about my studio I guess would be that when i wanted to expand from 1 bedroom
      in the basement to more tracking rooms, my wife suggested we dig out a 30' x 16' hole in the back yard,
      expand the basement through the existing cement wall and build my new control and drum tracking
      room!! Turned the laundry room into the guitar/ bass tracking room and the old studio room is now the
      piano room. I have all the pics of the huge reno as well! (upon request LOL)

      Michael Garding Studio pics

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      Nate Womacks

        All those dedicated rooms, that's amazing for a home studio! Wonderful to have a wife who is on board with all of our craziness, I can relate! Thanks for sharing Michael.

        Chris Ibbetson

          Ah you have a lovely wife like me 🙂
          Great stuff dude sounds like the perfect place 🙂
          Never knew you were a sneaky Cubase user? Me too 🙂

          Liara Stavlo

            I second Nate here, having all those room is amazing!

            Chris Mataran

              Wow! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing Michael

              Michael Garding

                You're welcome! Thanks for having a look!

                Mark Beeson

                  What a great studio. Really nice.

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